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Personal Power… a negative force?

By admin

Perhaps you see the concept of power as a negative force that is to be used against others. Look at it this way… expressing power in a positive way is as simple as acknowledging and valueing our network of loving and responsible relationships.

There may be a multitude of valid reasons causing us not to claim the power that is our birthright. We may have been discouraged from developing self-esteem and initiative in our earliest years… even by those that loved us and had our best interests at heart. As a consequence, we developed the self-denial habit.

The adults that were responsible for our emotional development may have been unable to fully encourage or support ours because they themselves experienced little support during their own childhood. This lack of support can play out generation after generation if left unchecked. A caregiver who who has been denied early emotional support themselves for whatever reason, may interpret any expression of independence as threatening their fragile sense of power and authority. They may even be afraid that the child no longer loves and needs to depend on them. Unable to see the child’s move towards independence as a healthy and positive expression of individualism, they may attempt to hinder or even suppress acts of creativity and confidence. In doing so they put at risk the natural development of personal power… or they may even be successful in squashing it completely.

Others equate personal power negatively, asserting that it is power over others… a trait that few of us would like to be associated with ourselves. We may distrust our power because we are uncomfortable with the notion that others will see us as overbearing. We may even be fearful of public exposure of any kind because of the perceived risk of criticism. It may be that we just lacked encouragement or the means to seize opportunities in our formative years.

True mentors and leaders embody the virtue of non-competitiveness. It’s not that they don’t desire to compete, far from it… they do so in the spirit of fair play. They encourage all those within their sphere of influence to develop their strengths.

You can develop yourself to your full potential when you allow yourself to discover and tap into your personal power. Then all those who interact with you will benefit in some way. So regardless of your past experiences, there is a powerful inner spirit worthy of exploration. You can approach your future with a different sense of yourself. Your personal power will contribute to your growth, your relationships and to the people around you. A high degree of awareness and flexibility is required to balance your needs and the needs and wishes of others.

Everyone will benefit when you live life authentically and in harmony with others. Society is created by the actions of many… choose to become an inspiration to others while you are fulfilling your own dreams.

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  1. Glyna Humm says:

    John – I love the layout of your blog and especially the banner – very cool! Can’t wait to see your first post! Great job!
    Glyna Humm recently posted..Make Them Smile With Appreciation MarketingMy ComLuv Profile

  2. Glyna Humm says:

    John – I love the term personal power! We do all have it in us and need to dig deep and choose to use it! Who knows what we can achieve if we really make a conscious effort:) Great first post. Keep them coming!
    Glyna Humm recently posted..Has Network Marketing Left You Dazed and ConfusedMy ComLuv Profile

  3. Hi John,

    I agree, one of the best uses of personal power is having a positive impact on others. More often than not, people are under acknowledged and yet within each of us, we hold the power to change this. It only takes a few moments to make a difference.

    I can see you are going to be an awesome blogger and look forward to your next post!
    Michaelé Harrington recently posted..2 Simple Tools To Skyrocket Your Credibility Within MinutesMy ComLuv Profile

  4. Hi John, it’s great to see your first post. What a lot of interpretations there are to “personal power”. I was lucky growing up because my Mum and Dad led me to believe I could do anything in the world. If only I had fully believed them at a much younger age.

    Looking forward to your next post John, regards from Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..Learning New Concepts One by One…My ComLuv Profile

  5. Your post has a lot to think about. What has troubled me a greater part of my life is the intellectual tension between the truth that you described about the impact of emotion and relationships from one generation to another over and against your final advice to “choose to become.”

    Are major changes from thinking about power negatively “simple”? Is it a choice? Do people fundamentally change for the better as a result of their choice to do so? Is it simple?

    I look to see how you will help me understand such issues better.

    All the best,
    Richard Goutal recently posted..Internet Marketing Leadership Myths 1 Leaders Have WealthMy ComLuv Profile

  6. Don Enck says:

    Hi John,
    Congratulations on getting your blog up and a post out. I look forward to more great things from you.

    Your post really hits home. So many of us are robbed of our personal power when we’re children by people like our parents and teachers that have our best interest at heart. We struggle through life looking to change the path we’ve been walking on. Some wake up and change. Some don’t. Reclaiming your personal power is a step in the right direction.
    Don Enck recently posted..Wisdom from The CaveMy ComLuv Profile

  7. Hi John! First I want to say BRAVO! Keep these blogs coming. As for this wonderful post, personal power is a great subject to ponder. I believe it comes from humbleness. To be a good leader one must be a good giver.
    We do have to acknowledge our power, but not with an ego, instead as a service provider. That is what attracts!
    Donna Merrill

  8. Enomfon says:

    Amazing post! Great blog, John! Keep it going!
    Enomfon recently posted..HELP! I AM A MUM AND WORKING ONLINE !!My ComLuv Profile

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